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IMDb: 6.6
Yapım Yılı: 2021
Süre: 1 saat 20 dakika
İzlenme: 38

After becoming the youngest female, minority judge elevated to the bench in her state, Angela Sylvester quickly finds herself trapped into a 'Kids for Pay' prison scam orchestrated by her boss, Judge Cynthia Paulino. Fearing her legal career and dream of becoming a federal judge is over, she struggles and her career spirals out of control. Afraid, she takes the advice of a close friend and turns to her faith to find the strength needed to redeem herself of the crimes committed


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meloo, 13 saat önce

2. sezonu izledikten sonra gördüm………………………

gameoflife, 15 saat önce


Kimetsu no Yaiba, 22 saat önce

Animenin ilk sezonundan sonra film ardından 2 .sezon u izliyeceksin .